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The NGO’s Statutes

Art. 1- LearningAlliance is a not-for-profit association according to the present statutes and according to the definition of Articles 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Art. 2 - The purpose of the association is (Specific Objectives):

  • SO1:To build new or to support existing Learning Alliances through expertise and know-how from a neutral perspective;

  • SO2:To provide partner networks from the field of international development with advocacy and knowhow for a sustainable future;

  • SO3:To implement academic development projects in cooperation with universities and other scientifically-oriented organisations within the framework of north-south cooperation;

  • SO4:To foster and expand mutual learning to wider circles of society;

  • SO5:To enhance the exchange and transfer of knowledge on an international scale;

  • SO6: To support Learning Alliance projects with the help of financial sponsors.

Art. 3 - The seat of the association is in Geneva. The association’s existence is not limited in time.

Art. 4 - Organisation - The organs are: The General Assembly & The Presidency.

Art. 5 - The financial means of the organization shall originate from ordinary and extraordinary membership fees, donations, profits generated from activities and possibly public funding.


LearningAlliance proudly presents its latest application: The Wall Map*.

This interactive tool can now be accessed through the following link:


Note: In order to be able to view Wall Map* in on your screen please use Firefox browser which is the preferred browser to use. Also you may be asked to install Google Earth plugin if it is not already installed

First Learning Alliance lecture held at the Genevas School of Diplomacy, December 2015



“As a Cornell faculty member and a long term affiliate […] I am acutely aware that […] the Academic Cooperation Palestine Project (now called the Wall Learning Alliance) provides a neutral and non-partisan platform that enables Palestinian and international stakeholders, academics and experts to work together in ways that is unique, innovative and valuable to everyone involved.”

Dr. C. Leuenberger,

Cornell University