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Learning Alliance in Education

General Objective 2 corresponds to Specific Objectives 3 ; 4 ; 5

LearningAlliance engages in training and educational projects spreading the learning alliance methodology of solidarity and cooperation in sustainable development. LA is currently building up a knowledge base of training and teaching. The first project constitutes a 2-day learning alliance workshop held in the French Jura in a retreat setting. It is meant for development practitioners interested in using the concept of learning alliances in their work. This awareness creating workshop serves to render development projects more effective and sustainable and allows participants to test their own hypotheses. This workshop is organized in cooperation with the NGO Management School, Switzerland. (

A more ambitious educational project for universities is under discussion with five large European and Middle Eastern universities. This project will be hosted by one or more of these universities and LA’s input will be that of a practicing institution with expansive field experience and affiliated networks.

Academic Publication

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Encyclopaedia Entries

The LearningAlliance team is currently working on an entry to Wikipedia. We hope to be able to make a direct link to the approved version in a short while. For the time being we are trying to get the definition of learning alliances in humanitarian, development and social contexts right for you.







LearningAlliance proudly presents its latest application: The Wall Map*.

This interactive tool can now be accessed through the following link:


Note: In order to be able to view Wall Map* in on your screen please use Firefox browser which is the preferred browser to use. Also you may be asked to install Google Earth plugin if it is not already installed

First Learning Alliance lecture held at the Genevas School of Diplomacy, December 2015



“As a Cornell faculty member and a long term affiliate […] I am acutely aware that […] the Academic Cooperation Palestine Project (now called the Wall Learning Alliance) provides a neutral and non-partisan platform that enables Palestinian and international stakeholders, academics and experts to work together in ways that is unique, innovative and valuable to everyone involved.”

Dr. C. Leuenberger,

Cornell University