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General Objective 1 corresponds to Specific Objectives 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 6 and corresponds to Activities 1 ; 2 ; 3

This section of the LearningAlliance webpage depicts the versatile projects which LA has entered into. It is also the third of the organisation’s General Objectives that which puts theory into practice.

To this end, and given the fact that LA has only a limited history, the three projects we are currently involved in are not representative of all those projects our members are in discussions. Our approach is not thematic, but we engage in projects where we see LA can have a solid impact for the people concerned, whether that is geographical or by type of cause

The WALLPAPER Initiative

The purpose of WALLPAPER is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion on the Wall in the West Bank. The project highlights the fact that there is a non-existent discourse on the Wall, twelve years after building commenced. It serves to fill a fundamental gap in the absence of other substantive research. It reminds the international community of its obligation to support all efforts in realising the world court’s unequivocal expression of Israel’s illegal construction of the Wall.

The Wall is out of public sight, but the impacts remain a daily reality for well over a half a million people losing access to land, livelihoods and services.

WALLPAPER supports the imperative to maintain a strong international presence monitoring the continuing, detrimental impacts on civilian lives in Palestine.

Palestinian and international researchers have been working voluntarily for this initiative for well over a year and have compiled a cross-section of resources, including documents, maps and audio-visual media, concerning the impacts of the Wall.


Wall Map

Wall Map* is a tool benefitting from Google Earth map features. It is custom designed to show all 173 Wall-affected communities in the West Bank using a 3D feature. All layers, the data at their source and additional information shown in Wall Map are of UN, other official sources or those LearningAlliance has collected by themselves.

The Movie clips and the 360° Panorama photographs, as well as the statistical maps are displayed to give the viewer a sense of impacts of the Wall. The tool’s navigation system allows the viewer to zoom in on the situation on the ground. In addition to the brief information bubbles for almost all the affected communities, you will find useful information about closures, administrative boundaries, the Oslo Interim Agreement areas and the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Go to Wall Map* and see for yourself.

Note: In order to be able to view Wall Map* in on your screen please use Firefox browser which is the preferred browser to use.


Wall Documentary

As part of its advocacy and social and educational awareness activities, LearningAlliance has engaged in a documentary film project with a Palestinian film director. Phase one of the “Against the Wall” film (working title) has been financed and is completed; the script has been drafted, archives at the various international filming locations and some of the key interview partners have been secured.

The full length documentary filmed on location in the Middle East and various places in Europe and America will feature interviews with key figures in the process in which the International Court of Justice and the majority of the UN’s General Assembly called the Wall illegal.

We hope this project with the help of LearningAlliance partners will find the funding needed to be produced by late spring 2015.

Seminars and Conferences

All the upcoming events of LearningAlliance are regularly updated on the webpage.


LearningAlliance proudly presents its latest application: The Wall Map*.

This interactive tool can now be accessed through the following link:


Note: In order to be able to view Wall Map* in on your screen please use Firefox browser which is the preferred browser to use. Also you may be asked to install Google Earth plugin if it is not already installed

First Learning Alliance lecture held at the Genevas School of Diplomacy, December 2015



“As a Cornell faculty member and a long term affiliate […] I am acutely aware that […] the Academic Cooperation Palestine Project (now called the Wall Learning Alliance) provides a neutral and non-partisan platform that enables Palestinian and international stakeholders, academics and experts to work together in ways that is unique, innovative and valuable to everyone involved.”

Dr. C. Leuenberger,

Cornell University